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Important Information Regarding Inaccurate Press Release About Spinning Star Energy LLC’s (“SSE”) Land Leases
17th Jan 2013

SSE is issuing this press release to address misrepresentations contained in a press release issued by a certain Warren Houser on Jan 17th 2013 entitled “Texas Landowners Seeking Developer For One Of The Largest Wind Energy Projects In The U.S.”, http://www.nawindpower.com/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.10984 (hereinafter, the “Houser Press Release”).

SSE confirms through this press release that the land referred to in the Houser Press Release as available for lease and associated availability of wind data to those lands is completely unrelated to and unassociated with SSE and SSE’s wind farm development and business plans.

SSE additionally confirms that its development and construction plans are moving forward as planned and SSE has no intention to lease or sublease any part of its properties included in its Noelke Hill project wind farm development or any associated wind data to any other developer.

Lastly, Warren Houser has agreed to issue another press release shortly to correct the misinformation provided in the above-referenced Houser Press Release and to confirm that the land and any associated wind data referenced in the Houser Press Release is unrelated to and unassociated with SSE and its wind farm development and business plans.

For more information, please contact:
Email: bruan@spinningstarenergy.com
Cell: (716)-392-4869

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